Altinkum Homes – All about Homes in Altinkum



Two words you will be hearing more and more often into the near and distant future are Altinkum Homes.

Altinkum is really making a name for itself as a fantastic holiday resort, boosted massively by the multi-million Altinkum Marina which opened in 2009 — the largest marina on the Aegean Sea. But more than that, Altinkum is making a name for itself as a holiday home destination offering low priced properties at unmatched value for money.

Homes in Altinkum start from around £30,000, and you can pick up a holiday home in Altinkum suitable for your average sized family for less than £40k.

The best Altinkum Homes are obviously those by the sea, so in the words of Lloyd Grossman let’s see who lives in a house like this. Joke, but let’s see what kind of price range beach front homes in Altinkum are in. Incredibly the prices laid out above are for homes by the sea, this is the value for money you find in Altinkum.

2 bedroom apartment walking distance from the sea, communal pool and gardens, 1 bathroom, fitted kitchen, satellite TV ready, £35,000. 4 bedroom villa walking distance from the sea and town centre, 3 bathrooms, fitted kitchen, terrace and balconies with stunning views, £59,950. The look on your friend’s and family’s faces when they first arrive at your wonderful new home in the sun, priceless.

Not just when they see the villa or apartment in Altinkum, but when they see what a beautiful resort town it is becoming, not to mention their first walk along the marina quayside as the sunset reflects on the water.