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All about Altinkum Homes

Two words you will be hearing more and more often into the near and distant future are Altinkum Homes. Altinkum is really making a name for itself as a fantastic holiday resort, boosted massively by the multi-million Altinkum Marina which opened in 2009 — the largest marina on the Aegean Sea. But more than that, Altinkum is making a name for itself as a holiday home destination offering low priced properties at unmatched value for money.

Homes in Altinkum start from around £36,000, and you can pick up a holiday home in Altinkum suitable for your average sized family for that price. The best Altinkum Homes are obviously those by the sea, so in the words of Lloyd Grossman let’s see who lives in a house like this. Joke, but let’s see what kind of price range beach front homes in Altinkum are in. Incredibly the prices laid out above are for homes by the sea, this is the value for money you find in Altinkum.

A typical 2 bedroom apartment, within 10 minutes walk to the sea with a communal pool and gardens, 2 bathrooms, fitted kitchen and satellite TV ready is around £46,000. If your budget allows plump for a villa with all the extra space it allows plus a private pool!  The look on your friend’s and family’s faces when they first arrive at your wonderful new home in the sun is absolutely priceless.

Not just when they see the villa or apartment in Altinkum, but when they see what a beautiful resort town it is becoming, not to mention their first walk along the marina quayside as the sunset reflects on the water. When you invest in an Altinkum Home it changes your lifestyle because you will have a home away from home in the sunshine whenever you want to get away from it all. You can now take as many holidays as you want and instead of the 10 day or 14 day holiday packages you normally book why not stay for 3 or 4 weeks?

The beauty of owning your own place is you have a pool, the beach will be close and you don’t always have to eat out. Dining al fresco on your own terrace or balcony will keep the cost down of eating every night at restaurants. Don’t get me wrong we all enjoy eating out but it can be expensive to do so every night, its nice for a treat a couple of times a week. Fresh food from the markets in Turkey is not only juicy and tasty it’s very cheap, all your salads and fruit costs buttons. There is nothing better than packing up a picnic and heading to the beach for the day, plus there are lots of National Parks and local beauty spots that you don’t have to pay to get in to.

Altinkum is a super little holiday resort that is packed with everything you need for a great holiday. Not 1 but 3 lovely golden sandy beaches where you can hire sunbeds and umbrellas at minimal cost for the day, plus the crystal clear Aegean Sea is very shallow along the Altinkum coastline, making it safer for the little ones paddling and swimming. Owning an Altinkum Home is ideal for all the family from tots to teenagers, mums and dad to grandparents. Your holiday home will grow with you as your family expands and this family friendly resort caters for all. Lazy sun soaked beach days, boat trips around the many hidden bays or sightseeing as just on the outskirts of the town is the wonderful Apollo Temple and Oracle, it’s the most historical feature in Didim and visitors come to see the beautiful ruins by their thousands it’s a must for the history buffs and guided tours are available.

You can stroll along the promenade and find everything you want from great shopping with trendy little boutiques, numerous souvenir shops and local markets. There is a fun fair close to the Third beach which will keep the little ones happy all day long. Along the main beach are plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants that cater for all tastes, themed bars offer a variety of different entertainment nights from tribute acts to karaoke and dancing that make your evenings as fun as can be. Restaurants offer everything you can imagine from local rustic traditional Turkish cuisine to International favourites including British, Italian, Chinese and Indian. Children are well catered for in this resort making it particularly suitable for families.

Once you have bought your Altinkum Home you can take advantage (if you wish) of the lucrative rentals you can make when not using it yourself. We are seeing tourists preferring to rent an apartment or a villa for their holiday than pay extortionate hotel prices. By renting a private property it gives tourists freedom to explore, tons more space and privacy, it seems to be the more popular choice to holiday now. These rental payments can help you towards the upkeep of your new home, your flights for when you want to visit or simply extra cash in the bank. As the sun shines in Turkey for 300 days a year it’s always a popular time to visit. Spring is warm, summer is hot and October is nice too, during the winter months the temperature is mild but there are some rainy days – thankfully not many!

Getting to Altinkum couldn’t be any easier with regular International flights from the UK and Europe; to Bodrum Airport which is only around 75 minutes transfer away. You can also fly into Izmir airport which is about 105 minutes transfer time, arriving at Altinkum can be made via shuttle bus, private car hire or a taxi and can be pre-booked so you don’t need to worry about being met at the airport.

Take a look at Altinkum Homes today and I know you will find the perfect holiday Altinkum home for you and your family. Enhance your lifestyle!